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Discover the truth behind royalty

The best programmes about royals from around the world and through the ages

How to watch to True Royalty on-demand

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Gone Medieval's must watch:
What customers say about True Royalty
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"Cannot live without my RT

Royalty TV is the BEST thing I’ve got in my phone. It provides all of the wonderful documentaries and latest news to keep this Anglophile and monarchist well-informed and content."

Natalex2 - Apple App store

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"Love True Royalty

I love True Royalty because it is factual not just press gossip. They have people that have been involved with the Royal family and experienced things first hand. I feel they give their unbiased accounts of events and happenings. Keep up the great work!

star2b1 - Apple App store

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"A pleasure to watch

Finally, some thing broadcast that is worthy of watching. Non-explosive, not controversial, steeped in history, informative, and purely enjoyable."

natorjooie - Apple App store

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