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The truth about Camilla, Queen's Consort

The Camilla and Charles affair initially saw the now Queen Consort painted as villain of the peace. Today however, Camilla has garnered great respect among the British public.

Find out from royal insiders how Camilla ended up where she is today, ruling beside our new King Charles III, in Before They Were Royal: Camilla.

In episode nine of the new season of The Crown, Camilla Parker Bowles tells Prince Charles over the phone that she feels like a criminal under house arrest because of all the press waiting outside her home.

Find out what really happened when Camila fell heavily under the media spotlight in Before They Were Royal: Camilla.

With the new season of The Crown out, discern fact from fiction and discover the truth about King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla’s relationship from royal insiders in Charles and Camilla: King and Queen In Waiting.


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Camilla Shand’s journey has been a wild ride with the intense gaze of the public; first as the ‘other woman’ and on to her most important role, providing love, marriage and support to the King.


04/03/2022 - As the Queen recovers from covid, the spotlight falls on the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge. Our panel discusses how they have risen to the moment, whether Camilla can ever shake off the ghost of Princess Diana, and whether we can expect baby Cambridge number four.

This week we are joined by royal journalist and biographer Robert Jobson, former royal editor of the Sun Duncan Larcombe, and Ingrid Seward, editor in chief of Majesty Magazine.


The Duchess of Cornwall gives unprecedented access to her life throughout her 70th year. We follow Camilla through a year of seismic change for the Royal family. At home: Intimate scenes in Clarence House decorating the Christmas Tree and welcoming old age pensioners for tea. In Scotland the duchess takes us on rainy dog walk with her beloved Jack Russell terriers and dances to Elvis with Prince Charles.


The colourful story of the woman for whom Charles risked everything but what of the early life of the potential future Queen consort?


An exploration of the royal couple's enduring romance that began as a scandalous love affair that shocked the world. How did it transform into a loving partnership that saw Camilla win the support of the british public?


The Royal Beat panel discuss new details revealed about King Charles' coronation, and how he's navigating difficult political waters.


What was the path that led Charles and Camilla to the moment they met one wet afternoon at Windsor Great Park in 1971?


A True Royalty original production. Rumours and front page scandals have dogged the Royal Family for centuries. The Royal View takes a look at the truth behind the stories that the Palace have been unable to silence and the damage that they have caused.

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