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The truth about His Majesty, King Charles III

The new season of The Crown portrays Prince Charles as zealous in his attempt to modernise the monarchy, cold to those who loved him and difficult with his family. And while valid questions will be asked such as ‘Why did Charles marry Diana? or ‘Did Prince Charles ever love Diana?’ - all of which we look at in great detail on True Royalty TV, there are many positive aspects to his character that are often overlooked in The Crown.

Take for example, the work that Charles, as former Prince of Wales, completed on his private estate The Duchy of Cornwall, which embodies his true passion for sustainability and innovation.

Discover the truth about his attempts to go beyond the conventional in Inside The Duchy of Cornwall.

In the final episode of the new season of The Crown, Prince Charles travels to Hong Kong on the Queen’s behalf to witness its handover from the UK to China.

This was also the final official trip of the Queen’s beloved royal yacht, Britannia, before its decommissioning.

Watch real footage of the speech Charles delivered in The Queen’s Diamond Decades: The 1990s.

The end of episode five in the new season of The Crown pays tribute to Prince Charles’ charity, The Prince’s Trust.

King Charles III founded this charity in 1976 to help vulnerable young people.

Find out what really happened when this organisation launched in Born To Be King.


Click covers to watch on True Royalty TV:

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A True Royalty original production. Rumours and front page scandals have dogged the Royal Family for centuries. The Royal View takes a look at the truth behind the stories that the Palace have been unable to silence and the damage that they have caused.

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