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The truth about Diana, Princess of Wales

When looking at the story of Princess Diana, the now infamous interview with the BBC is a scandal that continues to unfold 25 years later.

But what really happened? Find out in The Diana Interview.

The new season of The Crown introduces Princess Diana’s relationship with heart surgeon, Dr Khan, but doesn’t explore how these two ended up going their separate ways. (story of Diana)

Find out the real story in Diana: Her Last Summer.

When it comes to Diana her true story is rather different from the various fictionalised accounts about her. In the new season of The Crown for instance, Princess Diana makes a point of telling the Queen about her BBC interview before it is broadcast.

But in real life, nothing was known about the interview until the day it went out, as former Press Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II, Dickie Arbiter, tells us on The Royal Beat, The Crown: Beyond The Drama.


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The Royal Beat - Diana, Princess of Wales: 25 years on

On this episode we discuss the latest news that Harry & Meghan will be returning to the UK in September, the first visit since their appearance at the Queen’s Jubilee back in June.

We discuss the upcoming 25 anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and the new documentary series that aims to lay to rest many of the conspiracy theories that continue to obscure the truth of what happened that fateful night on 31st August 1997.


After her tragic and untimely death, Princess Diana left a legacy in her charities and causes.

Remembered here by her closest friends as loyal, steadfast and having an incredible level of compassion and remarkable intuition.


How did Diana revolutionise the nation's thinking in so many ways?


Insiders, including Burrell's brother, ghost writer and royal journalists, reveal how he went from Diana's butler to a household name.


An industry scandal that has unfolded over the past 25 years, using manipulation, forgery and lies, The Diana Interview has finally been exposed.


A behind-the-scenes look at royal wedding, revealing how these grand events are organised. Featuring interviews with the performers, florists, dressmakers, tailors, security guards, vicars and jewellers who helped make the day so special.


Exclusive insight into Royal lives, relationships and scandals - from Princess Diana's interview with Martin Bashir, to the top secret conversations The Queen has with her Prime Ministers.


A brand new show created using archive to illustrate the astounding impact that Diana had on the world.


On paper the Windsors and the Spencers were a match made in heaven: two blue-blooded dynasties. It turned out, however to be a clash of the titans.


There is no doubt that Diana left a lasting impression on the centuries old institution that is the Royal Family. Perhaps the most remarkable impact was the way in which she changed royal parenting for ever.


Perhaps the most photographed woman on the planet, Diana, Princess of Wales lived a short, tumultuous life in which she was revered by the public for her charity work and yet hounded mercilessly by the paparazzi.


A powerful examination of Princess Diana's historical, political and social legacy and her lasting impact upon her children.


In the last summer of her life Diana seemed to be moving towards a new life with a new relationship and a determination to continue her work.


Growing up Royal has certainly changed over the centuries but what does it mean for the modern generation of titled toddlers?


Diana, Princess of Wales, was an extraordinary figure. Her effortless elegance, her ability to relate to the common person, and her devotion as a mother led to her becoming one of the most adored public figures in history. She helped to break down barriers between the British Royal Family and everyday people, and she was never afraid to stand up for the causes close to her heart. In 1997, she met with a tragic and untimely end. However, the world did not forget their favourite Princess.


What happens when a Royal marriage ends up on the rocks?

From Princess Margaret's press worthy escapades to the havoc that was wreaked upon the crown by the divorce of Charles and Diana.

Lively debate with those in the know.


Three Windsor women who have all used their power to change the Palace: The Queen, Diana and Meghan have all shaped and restyled the Royal Family.

All three have left an indelible mark as they seized the opportunity to use their Royal titles to better the world.


Forty years on, and royal fans are still mesmerised by Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s landmark royal wedding, which saw a record 750 million people in 74 countries tune in to see the occasion unfold at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.


Kate Thornton presents The Royal Beat which takes a close look at the real stories behind The Crown.


Kate Thornton is joined by Princess Diana's butler, Paul Burrell to discuss new revelations surrounding the infamous Panorama interview. Did the BBC set Diana up using fake documents and, if so, why has this not been investigated properly until now?


A True Royalty original production. Rumours and front page scandals have dogged the Royal Family for centuries. The Royal View takes a look at the truth behind the stories that the Palace have been unable to silence and the damage that they have caused.


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