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If you are experiencing any problems trying to sign up for True Royalty TV, we apologise. Below are some known issues beyond our control and possible remedies we hope will help you complete subscription to our service.

If you still require assistance, we are standing by to help.


Are you trying to use PayPal?

Sometimes internet browsers and apps (such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and the like) have pop-up blockers that prevent PayPal from completing the final security check, and it appears the page just goes blank. Confusingly this means either you are susbcribed (but didn’t get a confirmation screen) or checkout failed and you didn’t see an error message. 
If you receive an email from PayPal and one from us (from “”, please check your spam folder) then the transaction has completed and you are subscribed and can use your email address and these instructions to start watching:

If you don’t receive any emails from PayPal or us, then it means checkout didn’t complete. We suggest you try temporarily switching off any pop-up blockers on your browser, or open a private / incognito window and try the process again on to complete checkout.

If you are trying to subscribe with a limited time offer, copy the link from the ad and then follow the steps above using that link.

Are you signing up from within the Facebook or Instagram app?

Depending on your device type and connection speed from your cellular or wifi network, sometimes completing checkout via an app like Facebook or similar doesn’t always work.
Please try closing the app and opening an internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or others and head to to complete checkout.
If you are trying to subscribe with a limited time offer, copy the link from the ad and then follow the steps above using that link.
If you still experience any issues on an internet browser, try clearing your cache and refreshing the page.

Is your bank blocking your debit or credit card?

We only use safe and secure SSL encrypted payment methods via Stripe and PayPal. Sometimes your bank might place a temporary or permanent hold on your debit or credit card or have restrictions for online purchases. If you are seeing messages saying your card is not working, please contact your bank to enquire if any of the above apply.

You can try using a different card, or PayPal, or try again if your bank confirms your card is unblocked.


Are you unsure if you completed a subscription checkout?

If you’re not sure you checked out and can start watching, please check your email inbox for a confirmation email from “” (please check your spam folder).

If you don’t have a confirmation email from us within an hour, it normally means that the email you entered at signup could be mispelled, or checkout hasn’t completed.

You can contact our team below to look into this for you.


Please get in touch with us below.

Our customer service team operates Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm United Kingdom time and we aim to respond within 24 hours.

Thanks for submitting!

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